e-Health and digital consultation:
State-of-the-art technology for eMedicine and clinic rounds.

eHealth and digital consultation:
State-of-the-art technology for the
eMedicine and visits to clinics.

Trolley for e-Health applications with CT 460 PRO

Whether telemedicine or digital consultation in the hospital: the right e-health IT equipment is important

Professionally compiled IT solutions contribute to secure communication. Whether in consultation with specialists and medical specialists in complex consultation cases in the patient’s room or in the increasingly developed telemedicine:

The Plathosys CT 460 Pro handset
offers optimal acoustics as a central element for e-Health applications, loudspeaker function included

Digitization of rounds: the Plathosys CT 460 Pro USB handset is part of the e-health equipment of a rounds trolley, for example, and is responsible for acoustics and precise voice transmission.

Increasing worldwide: Tele-consultations and e-medicine instead of practice visits

What is already established in Australia for geographical reasons is gaining ground here due to structural changes in rural areas: e-health and telemedicine.

Precise image transmission, perfect acoustic speech transmission are essential for making the right medical decision “from a distance”. The electronic visit trolleys are also a central component for professional and time-critical consultations during inpatient visits – e.g. in the area of telestroke and other e-health applications.

Beyond treatment instructions, retrieving results and talking to specialists at the bedside: The e-Health upgrade makes an important contribution to improving the healthcare system – worldwide.

One component: The Plathosys CT 460 Pro USB handset – for optimal voice transmission. Developed for use in e-medicine.

white e-Health handset Plathosys CT 460
Push the button to activate the speaker.

Simple & easy to disinfect in hospital – can be wiped off after each visit.

The Plathosys CT 460 Pro USB handset –
developed for e-health and telemedicine | Features

Easy to set up, intuitive operation

Schematic connectivity CT 460 for e-Health

Crystal clear sound – perfect voice transmission

Pick up the handset and get started right away.


  1. Plug-and-Play via USB
how to use CT 460 for e-Health

PTL button to activate the integrated speaker

If necessary, all those present can listen in and discuss: No debriefing required, no loss of information.


  1. activate loudspeaker by button
  2. Crystal clear sound – understandable for all who are present at the visit.
volume control CT 460 for e-health

Push-To-Lists (PTL)

The practical function enables the doctor on call to switch easily from private mode to monitoring function via loudspeaker – regardless of whether it is getting louder in hospital.


  1. Increase volume – press and hold for 2 sec. to activate Listening Mode.
  2. decrease volume – press and hold for 2 seconds to deactivate Listening Mode.
*Hook on/off – Function: Skype For Business / MS Teams compatible, compatibility with other softphones on request

Plathosys CT 460 Pro in use: that’s what the professionals say

Our solution has been successfully tested internationally, e.g. Australia.

Plathosys handset: a milestone

Our mobile e-health station as new standard equipment is the right step into the future of e-health and telemedicine! Especially the easy-to-use USB handset from Plathosys is a milestone for improved cooperation and communication. Every visit, every consultation lives on crystal clear voice transmission – no losses – easy to use, immediately usable as a speaker, works perfectly with Skype for Business!

– Uwe Platz, CEO

Innovative Plathosys CT 460 PRO

Teleconsultations and e-medicine are increasingly replacing visits to the doctor’s office. Precise image transmission and perfect acoustic speech are essential for making the right medical decisions from a distance – and we are pleased to offer this innovative handset.

If necessary, everyone present can listen and discuss. A debriefing is not necessary as there is no loss of information. This is a big step forward for the entire industry.

– Ryan St John, Sales & Marketing Manager Auroz

e-Health equipment | USB handset, camera, screens, speaker systems and much more

e-Health Handset Plathosys CT 460 white
e-Health USB-Handset Plathosys CT 460 Pro. The shooting star of telemedicine on the Australian continent: in use throughout New South Wales since 2019..
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For example video conference cameras and systems from our partner LOGITECH: Outstandingly optimized for MS Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex etc.) Focused on razor-sharp image transmission.
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